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‘On Camp with Kelly’ works with sport nutritionists who deliver educational workshops such as the below as well as work individually with the athletes.

Bottom Border General Principles Of Nutrition

An athlete’s diet is a key aspect in supporting consistent, intense training, whilst remaining free from illness and injury. This is particularly important for young athletes who have the additional energy cost of growth and development.



Bottom Border Nutrition For Competition

Nutrition during the competitive season needs to be a continuation of all the good practices that have been put into place over the preceding months. Overall energy intake may need to be reduced slightly, as training begins to taper, but the focus still needs to be on obtaining a healthy diet with nutrient rich foods such as oily fish, lean meat, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables, wholegrain cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds.



Bottom Border Healthy Recipes

Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriott teamed up with 'On Camp with Kelly' to educate athletes and young people attending university about the importance of good nutrition for physical and mental performance. Ainsley demonstrated six delicious recipes for quick, cheap and healthy dishes which you can download here.



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