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‘On Camp with Kelly’ works with a range of medical experts who deliver educational workshops such as the below as well as work individually with the athletes.

Bottom Border Staying Fit And Healthy As An Athlete

To be able to perform to your full potential it is important to be physically and mentally in peak condition. This means using all the techniques, facilities and specialists available to you and training appropriately. It is important to avoid overtraining and to ensure an adequate diet. For teenagers it is important to understand the changes that are occurring within your body and your environment and how to live and cope with them.


Hopefully, with a sensible approach to your training you can remain fit, healthy and in peak condition, not only for competing now but also for your future.



Bottom Border Injury Prevention

"The key to performance is consistency. The key to consistency is remaining injury free. Athletes must not cut corners if they want to get the best out of themselves no matter what their discipline. There is so much today to help maximise performance that many simple things can be overlooked.


"There is a strong relationship between improving your running technique and reducing the risk of injury. Runners often suffer from injuries due to poor technique and the repetitive nature of the sport."


- Alison Rose, Physiotherapist MSCP HPC



Bottom Border Female Athlete Triad

The Female Athlete Triad is a common problem in female endurance athletes and refers to the harmful effects of low Energy Availability on the reproductive and skeletal health of physically active women.


The Triad is a syndrome of three interrelated conditions that exist on a continuum of severity:


  • Low Energy Availability / Disordered Eating
  • Menstrual Disturbances / Amenorrhoea
  • Bone Loss / Osteoporosis



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