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Prevention is better than cure!


“The key to performance is consistency. The key to consistency is remaining injury free. Athletes must not cut corners if they want to get the best out of themselves no matter what their discipline. There is so much today to help maximise performance that many simple things can be overlooked.


"There is a strong relationship between improving your running technique and reducing the risk of injury. Runners often suffer from injuries due to poor technique and the repetitive nature of the sport.


"Through the work we have done with ‘On Camp with Kelly’ and many other elite level athletes, we have put together a series of tests - a Functional Movement Screen - that look at muscle balance (strength and flexibility) and movement pattern issues that athletes may have. We have made this easy to self test, and from this we have put together a series of Athlete Minimal Exercises for stretching and strengthening that all runners should be aiming to be able to achieve, in order to prevent injury.”


- Alison Rose, Physiotherapist MSCP HPC


Functional Movement Screen


Identifying physical imbalances and weaknesses is an essential part of any athlete’s injury prevention and minimisation strategy. This is achieved by including regular screening assessments as an integral part of an athlete’s training programme.


The Functional Movement Screen has been developed after working with elite athletes for many years and addresses the common issues seen in these athletes. It looks at muscle strength and flexibility and rotational pattern, taking into account the effect they have on running technique. It is also useful to monitor these tests in the developing athlete


Benefits of carrying out regular Functional Movement Screens:


  • Help identify if athlete is at risk of injury, especially in growing athletes or those that are training hard
  • Identify physical imbalances and weaknesses that need to be addressed
  • Establish a starting point and assists with setting realistic goals and training programmes
  • Enable progress to be measured and monitored
  • Assist coach by re-enforcing the importance of an athlete correcting deficiencies as part of overall training programme
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