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Goals should be:




There are three types of goals:


Process goals


Focus on specific elements of technique


  • Maintain driving arms and long stride
  • Spend time on relaxation exercises every day
  • Train with other athletes that are better
  • Before training session run through some pre-race routines, e.g. drills
  • Review sessions with coach every day
  • Spend time developing a goal plan for the season
  • Put together collection of favourite songs on ipod ready for race day
  • Say a few lines of favourite song in your head each time you find yourself thinking a negative thought
  • Think about the mental side of performance every day and not only on race day


Performance goals


Focus on improving on last performance


  • Aim to drink 200ml of fluid for every 30 minutes of training
  • Aim to consume 1-1.2g of carbohydrates per kg body weight in your post training recovery snack
  • Aim to consume 1.2-1.4g of protein per kg body weight throughout the day
  • In gym – lift % of bodyweight
  • Increase distance/time by certain %


Outcome goals


  • End result goals
  • Making a certain time
  • Achieving a placing / winning a medal
  • Beating a particular opponent
  • Qualifying for National Schools Championships
  • Being selected for a national squad


Process goals are key to athletic success and involve things you can directly control.


Outcome goals are often out of your direct control as an athlete. You should learn to think less about what you WANT to accomplish and more about HOW you will accomplish it.

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