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At the heart of UK Anti-Doping’s prevention strategy is the 100% me programme which seeks to create a generation of sports people who understand the value of competing clean.

UK Anti-Doping now has a dedicated education team in place to support athletes and provide anti-doping education at each stage of the athlete pathway - from beginners to the elite.

Achieving success in sport can be a long and difficult journey. UK Anti-Doping is here to help support you in making the right decisions. 100% me encourages athletes to make a commitment to clean sport and perform at the highest level as a clean athlete.


I’m 15, can I be tested?


Any athlete competing at any level can be tested. If you are under 18 (a minor), you can only be notified of a test if an adult is present and during sample collection the Doping Control Officer (DCO) will follow the procedure for testing a minor. UK Anti-Doping strongly recommends that an adult accompanies a minor during all stages of Doping Control.


I have recently been prescribed medicine, how can I check if it is prohibited?


Before taking any medication, athletes should check it on Global Drug Reference Online (Global DRO). Global DRO is an online information service providing accurate information on which medications contain prohibited substances.


I am asthmatic and regularly use an inhaler, is this permitted?


Some, but not all, asthma treatments are on the prohibited list. Check on Global DRO to find out but don’t panic if it is prohibited. You can seek approval to use a prohibited medicine for a genuine medical condition, if there are no permitted alternatives, by submitting a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). Most athletes can submit a TUE once they have been tested but some, depending on the level they compete at, will need to submit a TUE before taking the medication. Check with UKA to see which rule applies to you.


Top tips before taking any medication or remedy


  • Tell your doctor you are a competing athlete and must follow the anti-doping rules of your sport
  • If you are prescribed a medicine or treatment check whether it is prohibited using Global DRO
  • If the medication is prohibited check with your doctor to see if there are any alternative treatments available
  • If there are no permitted alternatives contact UKA to find out if you need a TUE prior to starting your treatment
  • If you require a TUE complete the relevant TUE form and attach the required medical evidence


To find out more about anti-doping and 100% me and watch a video on the sample collection procedure visit

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