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Born: 29 March 1990
Coach: Andy & Rosemary Boast / Craig Winrow
Club: Bedford & County AC
Lives: St Neots, Cambs / USA
OCWK: Female Athlete

Personal Bests
800m 2:09.44 (2009), 4:22.30 (2009), 3000m 9:27.72mx / 9:34.27 (2009)

Involvement with OCWK
Suzi joined ‘On Camp with Kelly’ in 2007 and has taken part in the following OCWK events:
Loughborough Educational Camp 2007
Glasgow Get-Together Weekend 2007
Bath Get-Together Weekend 2007
Loughborough Educational Camp 2008
Tonbridge Get-Together 2008
Loughborough Get-Together 2009
Eat for Success Get-Together 2009
Birmingham Get-Together 2010
Olympic Park Visit 2010
Life Skills Get-Together 2010
Tonbridge Get-Together 2011
Birmingham Get-Together 2011
Winter Training Get-Together 2011
Get Set for 2012 Get-Together 2012
Portugal Training Camp 2012
St Mary's Get-Together 2012

Athletics Achievements
3rd England Under 20 Indoor 1500m 2007
2nd UK School Games High Jump 2006
2nd English Schools Inter High Jump 2006
3rd English Schools Inter High Jump 2005

Personal Bests set in 2011
36:24, 20/11/11, Leeds

Personal Bests set in 2010
1500m - previous PB 4:22.30
4:34.45i, 14/03/10, Sheffield

Performances in 2009
In the space of a week in June Suzi improved her 1500m best to 4:24.97 and her 3000m best to 9:27.72. She further improved her 1500m to 4:22.30 in heat at the Aviva World Trials and UK Championships and has also improved her 800m best to 2:09.44.

Personal Bests set in 2009
800m - previous PB 2:10.61
2:10.15, 18/07/09, Solihull
2:10.05, 29/07/09, Watford
2:09.44, 01/08/09, Wigan

1500m – previous PB 4:29.03
4:24.97, 13/06/09, Watford
4:22.30, 12/07/09, Birmingham

3000m - previous PB 9:39.46
9:27.72mx, 17/06/09, Watford

Performances in 2008
Suzi has set five personal bests over 1500m this year, including 4:29.03 to win the Under 20 Inter-Territorial Match on 31 August. She clocked 9:39.46 for 3000m in her first serious attempt at the distance in the Under 20 race at the Aviva London Grand Prix.

Personal Bests set in 2008
1000m – previous PB 3:09.6
2:59.13, 05/04/08, Loughborough

1500m – previous PB 4:38.4
4:33.31, 21/05/08, Watford
4:32.93, 15/06/08, Crystal Palace
4:32.47, 12/07/08, Birmingham
4:31.36mx, 13/08/08, Watford
4:29.03, 31/08/08, Abingdon

3000m - previous PB 10:20.7
9:39.46, 26/07/08, Crystal Palace

Introduction to Athletics
Suzi’s parents where both good standard athletes and she used to play on the swings and slides while they were running in the park. She remembers thinking to herself, ‘what do they find so great about running?’, because she couldn’t see what the attraction was.

It wasn’t until she was at Junior school that she began to realise. She had a teacher, Mr Sadler, who was a good runner. He organised some races and when she did them she found herself at the front. She loved the competitiveness of it and the feeling when she won. Ever since then it became a habit and she joined the local running club, Riverside Runners.

As she enjoyed running on the track and Riverside Runners were more of a road running club she decided to join Alex and Rosemary Stanton’s (coaches to Paula Radcliffe) training group at Bedford and County AC.

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