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Born: 04 June 1989
Coach: Michelle Dillon
Club: Aldershot Farnham & District AC
Lives: Farnham
OCWK: Female Athlete


Personal Bests
800m 2:07.67 (2007), 1500m 4:09.96 (2009), 9:07.28 (2008), 5000m 15:35.27 (2012)

Involvement with OCWK
Emma has been part of ‘On Camp with Kelly’ since 2005 and has taken part in the following OCWK events:
London 2012 Get-Together Weekend 2006
Loughborough Educational Camp 2007
Glasgow Get-Together Weekend 2007
Bath Get-Together Weekend 2007
OCWK Media Day 2009
Portugal & Berlin Educational Camps 2009
Eat for Success Get-Together 2009
Birmingham Get-Together 2010
Tonbridge Training Camp 2010
Olympic Park Visit 2010
CV Writing/Interview Skills Get-Together 2010
Tonbridge Training Camp 2011
Financial Planning Get-Together 2011
London Get-Together 2012
Portugal Training Camp 2012
Lee Valley Get-Together 2012

Emma received an ‘On Camp with Kelly’ Outstanding Achievement Award in 2008 in recognition of her bronze medal in the 1500m at the IAAF World Junior Championships and Excellent Achievement Awards in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Athletics Achievements
1st European Under 23 Cross Country 2011
7th European Under 23 5000m 2011
2nd England Under 23 5000m 2011
3rd European Under 23 Cross Country 2010
7th European Team Championships 3000m 2010
1st BUCS 5000m 2010
7th European Under 23 1500m 2009
1st England Under 23 1500m 2009
1st BUCS 1500m 2009
2nd BUCS 5000m 2009
1st BUCS Indoor 3000m 2009
3rd World Junior 1500m 2008
2nd England Under 20 1500m 2008
1st BUSA 1500m 2008
5th European Junior Cross Country 2008
27th World Junior Cross Country 2008
4th European Junior 1500m 2007
1st England Under 20 1500m 2007
2nd World Schools 1500m 2006
2nd English Schools Senior 1500m 2006
3rd AAA Under 20 1500m 2006
Heat World Youth 1500m 2005
3rd AAA Under 20 1500m 2005

Performances in 2012
Emma improved her 5000m best to 15:35.27 at Watford in June before deciding to focus on training for triathlon.

Personal Bests set in 2012
5000m – previous PB 15:54.40
15:35.27, 09/06/12, Watford

Performances in 2011
Emma improved her 5000m best to 15:54.40 at the BMC Grand Prix meeting in Manchester on 28 May, a qualifying time for the European Athletics Under 23 Championships and then secured her selection for the team by finishing second in the trial race at the England Under 23 Championships on 26 June. In Ostrava she was seventh in 16:12.57. She finished the year in style, winning the European Under 23 Cross Country title on 11 December.

Personal Bests set in 2011
5000m - previous PB 15:55.18
15:54.40, 28/05/11, Manchester

10km - previous PB 34:15
34:01, 05/05/11, Glasgow

Half Mar - previous PB 76:22
75:44, 9/10/11, Peterborough

Performances in 2010
Emma smashed her 5000m best at the BMC meeting in Manchester on 29 May, improving by 32 seconds to win in 15:55.18. She made her GB senior debut at the European Team Championships on 19-20 June, finishing seventh in the 3000m. At the end of the year she ran an excellent 55:09 for 10 Miles at the Great South Run and won a bronze medal at the European Under 23 Cross Country Championships.

Personal Bests set in 2010
2000m Steeplechase
6:58.19, 08/05/10, Portsmouth

5000m - previous PB 16:27.12
15:55.18, 29/05/10, Manchester

5km - previous PB 16:33
16:31, 05/09/10, London
10km - previous PB 34:45
34:15, 02/04/10, Guernsey

55:09, 24/10/10, Portsmouth

Half Marathon - previous PB 76:31
76:22, 05/04/10, Guernsey

Performances in 2009
After setting an indoor best for 3000m at the Aviva European Trials and UK Indoor Championships on 14 February, Emma won the BUCS Indoor 3000m title on 15 March. At the BUCS outdoor championships she doubled up, taking gold in the 1500m and silver in the 5000m. She improved her 1500m best to 4:09.96 in Rabat on 23 May and then won the England Under 23 title in Bedford on 28 June. She finished seventh in the 1500m final at the European Athletics Under 23 Championships on 19 July.

Personal Bests set in 2009
1500m - previous PB 4:11.22
4:09.96, 23/05/09, Rabat MAR

3000m - previous PB 9:07.28 / 9:36.0
9:09.95i, 14/02/09, Birmingham

16:27.12, 04/05/09, Bedford

10km – previous PB 36:13
34:45, 10/04/09, Guernsey

Half Marathon – previous PB 84:38
76:31, 13/04/09, Guernsey

Performances in 2008
Emma performed brilliantly at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Bydgoszcz, winning a bronze medal in the 1500m and just a week later set a new personal best for the distance of 4:11.22 which places her fifth on the UK all-time Under 20 rankings. She started her track season by winning the BUSA 1500m title in 4:20.88 and on 4 June took 15 seconds off her 3000m best with 9:07.28 (9th on UK U20 all-time list). She secured her selection for the Norwich Union GB Team for the World Juniors by finishing second at the England Athletics Under 20 Championships. At the end of the year she finished 5th and took team gold in the junior race at the European Cross Country Championships.

Emma had a successful 2007-08 cross country season including second place in the Under 20 race at the UK Inter-Counties Championships and fourth place in the junior race at the National. She then finished 27th at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, helping the Norwich Union GB Junior Women’s Team to fourth place.

Personal Bests set in 2008
1500m – previous PB 4:13.38
4:11.22, 19/07/08, Barcelona ESP

3000m – previous PB 9:22.65
9:36.0i, 20/02/08, Birmingham
9:07.28, 04/06/08, Twickenham

Performances in 2007
Emma was an easy winner of the 1500m at the Norwich Union England Athletics Under 20 Championships and went on to finish fourth over the same distance at the European Athletics Junior Championships. She took eight seconds off her 1500m best, reducing it to 4:13.38, two and a half seconds off her 800m best with 2:07.67 and a massive 24 seconds off her 3000m best with 9:22.65 to win the Under 20 race at the Norwich Union London Grand Prix. She also reached the 1500m final at the Norwich Union UK Championships for seniors.

Personal Bests set in 2007
800m – previous PB 2:10.06
2:08.61, 7/07/07, Street
2:07.67, 3/06/07, Glasgow

1500m – previous PB 4:21.40 / 4:38.22i
4:21.55i, 11/02/08, Sheffield
4:17.8, 28/04/07, Bromley
4:13.38, 20/05/07, Loughborough

3000m – previous PB 9:46.60
9:22.65, 03/08/07, Crystal Palace

Other Information
Emma lies sixth on the UK Under 15 all-time list for 3000m with 9:57.5 in 2003.

Introduction to Athletics
Emma went to a very competitive junior school that was proud of always having the largest number of participants at the local school race. When Emma finished 16th in this race while she was in year three she was spotted by her current coach Mick Woods who asked her if she wanted to join the local athletics club, she agreed immediately and as she says, “he has been an awesome coach ever since”. Emma took athletics seriously from the start as she never does anything half heartedly. In training she always wanted to be the best and even on steady runs with her father when she was young they would race at the end.

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